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jackie pointed out today that i was a theatre kid and rode horses and those are two of the worst types of people but i’m ok because i stopped doing theatre because all the theatre kids hated me and i only got to ride horses because i did some under the table child labor to pay for it

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 The acclaimed model announced that she will only be modeling women’s fashion going forward and that her agency supports her transition 

- Model Andreja Pejic comes out publicly as a transgender woman, shares her experience with media and Facebook fans | GLAAD (via partially-stars)

I recognized Jason Alexander in a music video and Jackie insisted it wasn’t him but it was Jason Alexander. I’m proud of myself

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got a really unpleasant combo of wisdom teeth/jaw problems rn

my dad ran into one of his nun teachers as an adult and she told him she said assumed he became a communist and would’ve been dead by then

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

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the x-files had to call the ramones to ask if they could have someone wearing a ramones shirt so they said they watched an episode to make their decision and loved it and then would schedule shows around a tv show so they could watch it and when joey ramone got cancer all he asked for was to watch lone gunmen episodes of the x-files and the lone gunmen spinoff this is nuts

here are some pics from the 2010 pony club nationals of my team at the hotel. check out my great tan and abdominal muscles

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Anthropomorphic Saxophonist RobotWAS-2RIIWAseda Saxophonist No.2 Refined II
(Video here)


Anthropomorphic Saxophonist Robot
WAseda Saxophonist No.2 Refined II

(Video here)

need 2 see a psychiatrist and get my damn meds fixed

I went to jail in dungeons and dragons